Thursday, November 17, 2016


The Minimalism Gane is still going strong, I've just been too lazy to write about it, but I do still post daily on Facebook and Instagram.

In the spirit of the game, I've been slowly sorting out my clothes, trying to get my self to discard some clothing, which has not been easy as I expected already. I tried to apply a bit of the Konmari method, that is looking at which item sparks joy. Problem is that the ones that do spark joy are my batik dresses which I don't wear anymore since I'm still breastfeeding and pretty much only go out for groceries shopping. My daily clothes don't really spark joy, but I can't really let them all go because then I'd literally have nothing to wear. So while the closet is looking tidy, it's still full, and I still feel like I have nothing to wear.

Today I went out to the center, and went inside a clothing store. When passed a mirror, I looked at my reflection and I cringed. I literally hated what I saw. Who is that woman, looking old and tired and frumpy? Why did I wear that old t shirt that didn't do me anything. Why put on brown autumn coat over that awful red t shirt? What's up with the no make up look even though I did put on some make up? Ugh.

I looked around and tried some shirts on, and finally bought a button down shirt thay is not black or blue and actually has prints. It was €12.50, no discounts, and I felt guilty to be paying full price. I would love to upgrade my wardrobe with clothes that actually makes me feel good wearing them on a daily basis, but I always feel guilty spending money that I didn't earn, and that's why I've mostly been buying cheap clothes on discounts. Which are usually not the most fashionable items or the best quality, and I'd end up with that "I have nothing to wear" feeling all over again. Whay a vicious cycle.


Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Minimalism Game : Day 7 - 10

The nature of this game is that as you progress in time, the amount of clutter revealed and discarded increases. The thing is for me, it doesn't feel like it has made much of a difference to the state of our place.

On day 7 I posted the picture of that day on instagram, and someone made a comment :"day 7 and still from kitchen? ". Ugh. I admit that our kitchen shelves are all filled up, but the whole point of this game is to create more breathing space, so to speak. Decluttering is a work in progress for me, but such comments feels like a finger pointed to me saying " hoarder! ".

I know I'm not a neat person, especially compared to my husband, but I think our house is not that cluttered to begin with. For a family with a small child, I'd say we are doing allright enough to keep up with the house.

Anyways, i guess it'll get worse before it gets better. Wait till i go through my closet!

So here are items from day 7 to day 10. Day 7 consist of more kitchen stuff, day 8 consists of some Christmas decorations, day 9 some plates and bowls, and day 10 some bathroom stuff. Some stuff are going to the thrift store, the rest are being thrown away as always.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Minimalism Game - Day 4 - 6

I'm a day ahead because it's a busy weekend, plus I'm eager to progress further in my decluttering, hahaha!

Day 4 items consists of more kitchen stuff. A steamer basket of an old rice cooker, rusty potato masher, measuring cup/jug and a pannenkoeken spatula which is not handy to use after all.

Day 5 items are 4 empty water bottles and 1 empty olive oil bottle. We used to reuse the plastic bottles when we need to bring water, but now we have nice dopper bottles instead. I don't know why those bottles didn't get thrown away immediately. And the glass bottle I kept for a decoration project.... 3 years ago! Haven't touched it since.

Day 6 items are free magazines and catalogs. In the summer I threw away a big pile of magazines (*proud!*) , so these are recently acquired.

At this point in the game, I'm already feeling like a hoarder because I can see how much unnecessary things are being hidden away around the house. I'm pretty sure that I have enough stuff to make it to day 30. Not proud of it.